''We love creating memories''

Company Message

1- The program can easily be run by 1 to 2 volunteers

2- First set up dates that work for you. We can handle 25 to 30

sessions per day. We can discuss amount of days needed to

photograph all your members.

3- We arrive at your location with our mobile digital studio and take

photos every 20 minutes. I don't believe in the 10 minute assembly

type photography others use. This means that the members are

more relaxed with the photographer. This also allows us to

pay attention to small details and experiment with different poses.

We also offer a free retouching service which can include the

removal and/or softening of wrinkles, age spots, replacing teeth,

repairing a lazy eye etc. (see our gallery)

4- Once photos are edited they are viewed by church members on a

large screen. They then choose the photo they would like to include

in the directory. At this time, if they wish, they are offered the option

to purchase portraits at pricing well below those found at photo


   They will receive an album whether they purchase photos or not. 

    Please note: We do not exert pressure to purchase photos.

They sell themselves!