''We love creating memories''

Company Message

        Church Pictorial Directories

Because we are a small family owned company, we make sure that we have a hands on presence from start to finish. Because of this, we can customize your souvenir album the way you would like it to be published. This will give you an album we both can be proud of.

We make the program easy to run by providing you with a coordinator's guide, customized posters for advertising the program as well as customized scheduling sheets.

We work directly with your volunteers to ensure the program is a success.

The editorial section of your directory can include, Pastor's message, church history, group photos as well as collages of various church activities.

Please remember that everyone photographed receives a free directory. There are no hidden charges to the church nor to the members.

To good to be true?

The way Prestige recoups the costs for the free directory, is by offering the members the opportunity to purchase professional portraits for themselves, friends or family at prices well below those found at a photo studio. There are no sitting fees and no obligation to purchase portraits.